small boat building course deepin the jungle ship yard of costa rica

i led the small boat building course. A month long from start to finish boat build. teaching the locals wood work and starting off the educational center in the astillero verde yard in costa rica.

Sail cargo Ceiba and small boat courses

I’m back in costa rica to Join the team again as the work shops manager, run and teach the small boat courses. To improve the courses we have a boat house at the head of ceiba’s stem, and i’m increasing the modals so the students get the most out of their time on the course, such as the oar making class.


Improving the work shops by making tools and improving the way things are ran, and the cycle of wood flow through out the yard. Also making Rigging blocks such as the four triple blocks that hoisted the 2 tone stem into position.Connie_SMALL_1

Skin on frame kayak

I came up with a small scale drawing of the profile view, coming up with the rocker, shear and stem and stern, and then used an existing kayak’s body plan designs to use the angles of the chines.  By getting the actual shear stringers at 12 foot and plotting where the stations will be and clamping the two ends together so I could put the kayaks wide point at the centre in to push the stringers apart giving the natural shape/ curve of the kayak in plan view, then measuring the widths at each station plotted I went back to the body plan view and came up with the height and angles of the chines. Then I checked for fairness of all the stations chines, by plotting them on my profile view. All looked good so to work I went and one day put it all together and it turned out ok.




Sail cargo new build, Ceiba. In costa rica.

Ceiba is a 45metre cargo ship new builds in costa Rica Punta morales.

Website:Sail cargo inc.

I started helping out on this project in January 2019 for 3 months. It was perfect timing as my first week here was the week they got the keel up on her blocks. From felling the trees to milling the logs and sawing them up from there Ceiba will be made. its a fantastic experience, from the style of living , learning how big ship builds are done and learning how to build right from the raw material is brilliant, also helping out the locals.



Starting to make the frames, frame 48 made and ready to be raised,  getting the scantings and scaling them up from the frame designs to the lofting floor and transferring that to the selected Spanish cedar. Also felling trees up the mountains, where lynx has designed and built some wooden rooms and spaces.