i designed and made a traditional timber frame garden pergola garden structure.

using green Douglas fir, i made a pergola for my mothers garden. a fantastic project to learn timber framing on and very enjoyable to work on square material, a nice break from the complex curves of boats.

i used traditional Japanese technique where you waterproof and protect the wood by charcoaling the surfaces of the posts going into the ground, up to ground height. and using pine tar to add an extra barrier to the bugs.

i made oak pegs to go through all the joints.

Tenacious, 52 foot engine boat interior refit.

I spent 3 months on a interior refit going on in emsworth. putting in new bulk heads, sole bearers and floor boards, reshaping corners to rounds to make more space, many loo steps and former’s, iroko trims, deck beam repairs and putting tanks in place with chocking ply walls filleted into the hull walls

repairing the aft capping corner pieces, and routering in the splines grinding back the fibre glassand chopping back the wood toe rail to angling in the scupper, then fitting the wooden blocks behind all 6, 3 on each side then getting in the scuppers and making the capping to the screw down with sika flex,